Cross-Platform Process Management Solution for West Midlands Fire Service

June 13th 2018

We helped West Midlands Fire Service create a modern front end to a cross-platform application which helps manage, report on and improve processes. The flexible, modular front end can be used to in different scenarios to gather, process and distribute data efficiently.

The Client

Name: West Midlands Fire Service (WMFS)

Industry: Emergency Services- Public Sector

Profile: WMFS is the third-largest fire and rescue service in the UK. A large part of the fire-services day to day activities involve engaging with the community (including offering professional and educational training), undertaking fire safety audits of homes, commercial properties, and much more. Their vision is simple yet effective: Prevention, Protection, Response.

The Business Challenge

WMFS needed to modernise how the data from all fire service activity in the field was recorded and used. They wanted to build a cross-platform application to ensure that staff members could input and view data easily and efficiently. As part of the West Midlands Fire and Rescue Authority's "Third Platform" programme they had the aim of modernising key services. This included the need to build a new mobile application that would contribute to the Authority's vision of 90% of all front-line data collection input on mobile devices by May 2018. WMFS needed an IT partner to help them build and design the frontend of this new cross-platform application to ensure it was simple to use, looked great and was adaptable enough to work across multiple scenarios and business processes.

The Solution

WMFS selected cloudThing as a development partner as they felt we were able to demonstrate deep and expert-level knowledge with a modern front-end framework like React to solve a complex UX problem. The solution was a React based modular, easily extended, component-orientated front-end which is open-source. The end result was the application Tymly which is now available to the rest of the public sector as an open-source platform. It is currently used by the WMFS to assist with auditing properties, reporting hydrants that need repair, and more.

The application is also used as an auditing application. Fire service staff can easily see what jobs need doing and what needs to be completed within the audit. This means they are efficiently updating data in a central location, and there is no time wasted between information gathered and shared.

The core of the application is the idea of BluePrints, any task such as an audit, inspection or repair has a process which is repeatable. The Tymly framework acts as a platform for these blueprints to be monitored, enforced and made easier for the staff, as all the instructions and requirements are held on their mobile devices. This means WMFS get a much more consistent quality of data quicker which can start to be analysed right away.

June 13th 2018



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