systems integration

5th May 2015

“breaking down system and data silos, making technology and information assets more than the sum of their parts

Advanced Integrations

In a world of connected things it’s as much about what you don’t see as what you do. Integration is an art that can save fortunes and build value by taking a brains over brawn approach to solving business and IT problems. We specialise in solving difficult integration problems; we breath new life into hidden data, make systems talk and problems disappear.

Cloud Service Exploitation

Cloud services are a bank of solved problems when you know what currency to use. We help customers build solutions that (auto) scale and reach across the globe using services where Amazon and Rack Space have solved the problems. Focus on your customers not on wires and blinking lights, let cost follow usage and sleep better at night.

Real world Problems

It’s rare you get a chance to solve a problem without the pollution of legacy systems and data. The nexus of new and old is often the only way to solve a complex problem in a mature IT landscape. We specialise in loosely coupled, flexible approaches to integration ensuring solutions are supple to ever changing business opportunities.

‘Big’ Data Exploitation

‘Look at the world differently, change your lens and see your business and customers differently. The future is data augmented and cloudThing specialise in identifying data inside and out of your organisation then mining, integrating and massaging it to augment your business processes, add value and cast insight across your business. Look backwards and forwards with certainty.

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a complex product development bringing together the latest technology, architecture principles and a fresh approach to solving an old problem. cloudThing’s approach is creative, pragmatic and collaborative

- Chris Gee, Managing Director, Cloud Affinity