Donation validation, management and forecasting


Donation validation, management and forecasting


giftaidThing helps non-profit organisations ensure that all gift aid donations are correct, auditable and compliant with HMRC regulations. Forecast your Gift Aid revenue accurately, reliably and make audits stress free as giftaidThing can quickly validate thousands of gift aid claims to ensure the address, identity, currency and more is correct. Working across multiple donation channels, giftaidThing makes the otherwise hugely resource intensive task of validating claims quick and easy.

Understand claims at a glanceUnderstand claims at a glance

giftaidThing allows you to quickly understand any potential records which may cause issues with your claim a glance and enables your staff to investigate the individual record, to approve the record it or remove it from the claim until it can be validated. Analysis of the records is offloaded to Azure due to the vast amount of information that needs processing, which helps keep computing costs low, but the process quick.

Reports on reconciliationReports on reconciliation

Even after submitting your claim, giftaidThing keeps working. This is because the software continues to check the claim once you have completed your submission and it is then that you will receive a detailed report upon approval to confirm what has been validated by HMRC. You can use this information to update your accounts in real time, and to confirm that the claim value giftaidThing forecasts is accurate against what was paid by HMRC.

Bespoke business rulesBespoke business rules

This flexible cloud based tool is user friendly and easily customisable. Once you have identified a trend in non-compliant in claim submissions, you can quickly adjust and add new validation business rules to automatically fix issues or rule out certain submissions. This means your solution can be tailored to your unique needs as an organisation.


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