5th May 2015

“partnerships to disrupt markets with technology and create fast growth businesses in high expansion markets”

cloudThing love big ideas, we love technology and we love upsetting the apple cart. It’s not always easy to invent new concepts that will revolutionise the world and it’s often not the first to market with a new concept that will reap the greatest rewards. In fact most of the time someone has already thought of your latest idea. Here at cloudThing we think that’s just fine.
We are interested in established markets where the use of technology to deliver services, or the implementation of a new business model through technology changes the market dynamic to create opportunity. This could be where technology can deliver services more efficiently, alter the balance of power in a market or just provide a vastly improved product for the consumer.

Our Contribution

To all our investments we bring more than just software development capability. cloudThing’s management team have founded and grown start-ups, held senior management positions in high growth mid-sized business and survived and flourished in FTSE 100 organisations. We have been involved in a number of business sales and like to think we can add value to any business on top of our technical prowess. But of course disruptive tech businesses need tech developing, and that’s when we come into our own. We turn ideas into reality through prototypes and full product builds whilst ensuring the tech can support your plans for global domination.Our current portfolio is listed below. If you have an idea you like to talk to us about, drop us a line at

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I have a vision. I know there is a market but need help getting to it. I want an investor and a tech partner to add real value to help my idea reach its full potential.

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